More men are undergoing plastic surgery.

According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, men are turning to cosmetic procedures in greater numbers and at increasingly younger ages. Thirty one percent of men surveyed said they were extremely likely to consider a cosmetic procedure, either surgical or non-invasive. Of those men, the vast majority of them were between the ages of 18 and 34.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPAS) notes that men most frequently elect rhinoplasty (nose jobs), otoplasty (ear pinning) and gynecomastia correction (male breast reduction) procedures. Survey results illustrate that men are seeking treatments like these for the following reasons:

  • To feel better about themselves
  • To appear less tired or stressed
  • To please their partners
  • To remain competitive in their careers
  • To meet a mate

The rise of social media has led to more interest in the way both men and women consider their looks: people are becoming much more aware of how they appear both in person and in pictures. This awareness, combined with a lessening of the historical stigma surrounding plastic surgery and the advent of innovative new techniques, is paving the way for more young people to consider taking the plunge.

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One of Dr. Jason’s Young Male Rhinoplasty Patients

This young male patient is a quintessential example of the trend and illustrates the power of what a rhinoplasty procedure can do to transform the entire face. Although rhinoplasty is targeted specifically at improving one’s nasal appearance, alteration of the nose often leads to an enhanced and refined aesthetic profile. The nose’s central location on the human face makes it a focal point in any interpersonal interaction, which is why harmonizing the nasal aesthetic with the rest of a person’s face is a key consideration when performing a rhinoplasty.

This patient initially hoped to solely improve the appearance of his nose with a rhinoplasty, but as depicted in the photos, surgical alteration of his nasal profile led to a fresher appearance, stronger jaw and a more masculine appearing chin.

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Survey source:, Polly Mosendz, June 2017