Rhinoplasty, has been performed since 500 BC and is one of the oldest surgical procedures. Today, rhinoplasty consistently ranks among the most common plastic surgery procedures performed. Your nose is such an integral facial feature that the smallest improvements tend to make a great impact on your appearance. If you’re unhappy with an aspect of your nose but do not want to look like you have had “work done,” than you should consider a natural looking rhinoplasty. Many of the obvious signs of rhinoplasty, such as an overly skinny bridge, a pinched look, or an overly up-turned nasal tip are related to old techniques where there was an emphasis on simply downsizing the nose by cutting away cartilage. This cartilage, however, provides the structural support for your nose and is important for maintaining its shape and allowing you to breathe. Modern rhinoplasty techniques now emphasize repositioning your natural nasal cartilage (rather than just cutting them away) to achieve the shape you desire. This allows for improved support for your nose, which translates not only into a more natural looking result that lasts but often even improved nasal breathing!

Many patients that have considered cosmetic nose surgery have been turned off by un-natural looking results. Dr. Jason uses new modern techniques, tools, and knowledge to achieve natural looking rhinoplasty results.

Dr. Jason’s Natural Looking Rhinoplasty Before and Afters


Dr. Roostaeian rebuilt both of my nostrils and fixed my crooked and deviated septum. The procedure was much easier than I thought it was going to be. A little discomfort for a couple days after but the pain was very manageable. There was virtually no pain when he removed the stints a week later and wow can I breath now. Dr. Roostaeian was professional, confident and easy to talk to. He never made my wife or I feel like he was in a rush to get to his next appt. or that our concerns were not important. He is a down to earth doctor who is extremely talented. I wish all doctors had this type of bedside manner.”  See all testimonials

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 10.11.14 PMIf you are interested in a natural looking rhinoplasty to improve the look of  your nose then please contact Dr. Jason’s office today to book a consultation.

For additional in-depth information on one of the modern rhinoplasty techniques, please read Dr. Jason’s research Reconstitution of the Nasal Dorsum following Component Dorsal Reduction in Primary Rhinoplasty




The Modern Approach to Rhinoplasty: What Every Patient Should Know