Are you seeking breast lift surgery because you are unsatisfied with the shape or placement of your breasts? Or are looking to regain that youthful shape you had when you were younger? During your consultation Dr. Jason will guide you through the breast lift and augmentation options and processes, while answering any questions and/or concerns you may have. He will listen to what your are looking to achieve with the surgery in order to deliver the highest quality, natural-looking enhancement you desire. 

A breast lift, also referred to as a mastopexy or breast reshaping, works by removing the excess skin in your breast and tightening the deep tissue to raise the breast and give a more youthful appearance. While a breast lift can restore the shape of your breast thereby visually increasing its fullness, some women choose to combine the procedure with a breast augmentation to add additional size and volume to their breast.    

Although breast augmentation remains the most common aesthetic procedure performed each year, breast lift procedures are gaining popularity at a faster rate than augmentations. In fact, the number of breast lifts performed per year has grown by 70% in the last decade while breast augmentation, while breast implants have had half that growth at a 35% increase.  According to the American Society of plastic surgeons, more than 90,000 breast lifts were performed in 2013.

Breast Lift Procedure Surgery Facts

+ Length Of Breast Lift Surgery: Typically 2-4 hours.Natural looking Breast augmentation Surgery -Dr. Jason

+ Anesthesia: Typically general anesthesia.

+ Length Of Stay: A single overnight stay is often recommended. The Surgery Center at UCLA is the only place in Los Angeles that allows you to have your surgery followed by a monitored overnight stay with a registered nurse (R.N.) in the same facility. This allows for a safer surgical experience which is one of the main reasons Dr. Jason is proud to be on faculty at UCLA.

+ Recovery: Fairly mild to moderate discomfort the first few days; up and about within the same day; start showering in two days; stitches are dissolvable; bruising mostly gone by 1 week; back to work if not strenuous after 1 week; avoid any exercise or significant increase in your heart rate for 2 weeks.  Return to full activity by 3 months. Scars will continue to lighten and mature over 6 months to a year.

+ Breast Lift Scars: Breast lift surgery scars are at minimum around the outer rim of the areola/nipple. If more lift necessary, a scar down from the nipple toward the breast crease and/or a scar at the breast crease will be necessary.

Top Breast Lift Procedure Questions

1. Can I breast feed after a breast lift? You should be able to breast feed following a breast lift procedure. Most women, however, choose to wait to have all their children before undergoing a breast lift.

2. I have large areolas, can they be reduced in size during a breast lift? Yes, since a breast lift involves a scar around the areola to move it to a higher position while also removing the extra skin in the breast, the size of the areola will also be reduced when necessary.

3. Does a breast lift significantly change the size of the breast? While a breast lift can rejuvenate your body with a more youthful and uplifted appearance, it does not significantly change the size of your breasts. If you are looking to lift and increase the size of your breasts than implants should be considered. 

4. Can increase the size of my breast at the same time as having a breast lift? Yes, increasing the size of your breast can be accomplished with an implant (see breast augmentation page). This can be done during breast lift procedure with no additional incisions.

5. I have had a breast lift but still don’t have the fullness and round shape in the top part of my breast that I was hoping to achieve. Can anything be done to achieve this? If you are looking for increased fullness and round shape to the top of your breast, you typically need a breast augmentation with an implant.

breast lift surgery los angeles6. How long will the effects of a breast lift last? The results of a breast lift will last for many years. It is rare to repeat a breast lift in a patient who achieves a result they are happy with.

7. How long will it take to heal? Your incisions will be healed and you can return to most activities by 6 weeks. Full activities such as strenuous workouts, running, etc is best to wait until 3 months, when your scars have achieved full strength. For a scar to fully mature, however, it takes at least 6 months to a year. Over this time you will see your scars become barely visible, they will lighten in color and become softer to the touch.

8. How soon can I start working out again after my breast lift surgery? For the first 2 weeks following surgery, you want to avoid straining (lifting anything more than 5 lbs), or getting your heart rate/blood pressure up as this can lead to bleeding. After 2-3 weeks you should avoid mechanical forces that will stress or put tension on your healing incisions for 3 months. This means you should avoid high impact activities that lead to excessive movement of your head and neck, such a running. If you feel up for it, after 2-3 weeks, Dr Jason Roostaeian recommends starting with the seated stationary bicycle which is low impact and minimizes movement of your chest. Listen to what your body is telling you at all times, for instance stop the workout if you experience any new discomfort in your chest. Remember, getting plenty of rest and reducing your overall activity will give you time to heal and speed up your recovery.

breast lift9. When can I go back to work after a breast lift? It really depends on what you do for work. If you have a desk job, you can typically return to work after 1 week. If your profession is more physically demanding, Dr. Jason recommends to wait at least 2 weeks before returning to work. Remember, you do not want to strain or lift anything that weighs more than five pounds for the first 2 weeks.

10. What should I ask during my consultation to find the right doctor for me? You should look at the doctors breast lift before and after photos critically and decide whether you like their sense of aesthetic. Cosmetic surgery is an art and therefore you want to find a doctor that matches your taste so to speak. If you choose to book a consultation with Dr. Jason he will listen closely to what you are interested in and what type of look you are trying achieve. Dr. Jason Roostaeian specializes in natural looking results and will take measurements and guide you toward the implant that fits your body. You will have the opportunity to thoroughly review previous breast lifts and see whether his results are what you are looking for.

Before & After Breast Lift Photos


Breast Lift Los Angeles Consultation

UCLA-Plastic-Surgery-LobbyLobby1If you are considering breast lift surgery in Los Angeles, please come into UCLA for a consultation with Dr. Jason Roostaeian. To  book a consultation click here or call 310.825.8827.

At your consultation Dr. Jason will listen closely to what you are interested in and what type of look you are trying achieve. Dr Jason specializes in natural looking results and will take measurements and guide you toward the implant that fits your body. You will have the opportunity to thoroughly review his earlier work and see whether his results are what you are looking for.